Welcome to the HELLO English Level Test.

Inserisci il tuo nome e la mail nei campi sottostanti. Se hai meno di 18 anni barra la casella qui sotto per aiutarci a capire a che livello è il tuo inglese.

Per ogni domanda, seleziona l'unica risposta corretta.

Non avere paura di quello che non sai, siamo qui per aiutarti a migliorare.

Non utilizzare un dizionario o altri ausili.

Se non hai idea di quale sia la risposta, non "sparare" a caso.


Nome e Cognome
Numero di telefono
1. What _______ name?
2. She _______ a student
3. _________ Italian?
4. Are Ann and Mike from Australia? No, ______ aren't
5. He's from New York. ________ name's John
6. My parents are very rich. That's ______ new BMW.
7. Which of these can you find in a classroom?
8. Which of these can fly?
9. My mum doesn't like _______ to work.
10. I ________ to Boston but I want to go there next year.
11. Where's Tommy? He's _______ his bike.
12. Dan's so __________. He pays for everything when we go out.
13. We __________ to Paris and then got to Lyon by train.
14. They _________ pizza. They had pasta.
15. The children played _________ in the garden.
16. These shoes aren't ________. Look! They are too small.
17. I'm __________ my sister.
18. Paul left an hour ________.
19. I'm sorry I'm late. I __________ the bus.
20. My aunt is a ___________. She works for a newspaper.
21. I bought some great _______ on holiday.
22. The opposite of cheap is __________.
23. She _________ the radio and listened to the news.
24. Bye. _________ a nice time.
25. Would you like milk in your coffee? No, just ________, please.
26. Can you ______ me a favour? I need a lift to the airport as soon as possible.
27. He _________ me if I could tell him the way.
28. What are you thinking _________ at the weekend? I've no idea.
29. Don't be so ______ ! You'll have to wait.
30. I look _______ my mother; we have the same eyes and nose.
31. I fell ______ the steps and broke my arm.
32. We _______ wear a uniform. We can wear anything we like.
33. I ________ get the bus to work, but now I drive.
34. If they _________ a map, they wouldn't have got lost.
35. When his rich grandfather died, he unexpectedly ________ a lot of money.
36. I won't do it _______ you help me. I can't do it myself!
37. Why are you ________ ? I can hardly hear you.
38. Adrian asked me if I could ________ him some money.
39. The meeting is ________ 17 May at 2.00 p.m.
40. Excuse me, could I ________ on these jeans, please?

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